Competitive powerlifter.
AAPF and UPA-AD Junior 52kg National Records holder.

Next: October - AAPF Fall Open

I blog about my life, my training, and the clothes I wear in attempts to be fashionable. Mostly personal posts and selfies.

I want to be strong.
Age: 23 Height: 5'1 Weight: 110 lbs

Gym PRs:
Squat: 205 lb
Bench: 115 lb
Deadlift: 225 lb

Meet PRs:
Squat: 185 lb
Bench: 105 lb
Deadlift 235 lb

I did some serious shopping in two hours. I now have clothes for the lake this upcoming weekend.

Also the likelihood of me ever wearing that crop top is 10%… yet somehow I bought two of them for a deal.

Idk man.

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