Competitive powerlifter.
AAPF and UPA-AD Junior 52kg National Records holder.

Next: October - AAPF Fall Open

I blog about my life, my training, and the clothes I wear in attempts to be fashionable. Mostly personal posts and selfies.

I want to be strong.
Age: 23 Height: 5'1 Weight: 110 lbs

Gym PRs:
Squat: 205 lb
Bench: 115 lb
Deadlift: 225 lb

Meet PRs:
Squat: 185 lb
Bench: 105 lb
Deadlift 235 lb

Today I’m going to my first Michigan football game as an alum. Go Blue! #alwaysawolverine #Michigan

I also got a new pair of leggings today. I use fitting room photos as a chance to pose like I’m cool. Also never bicep poses, only triceps. #mylegskindalookbig #itsanillusion

Went to give Andy a quick kiss and I ended up burping in his mouth.

So he took revenge by farting in the car.

That’s love.

Due to gainsforgotham and her fabulous ootd posts, I went and found something for myself!

I randomly bought a business casual outfit because it was on sale :x #reallywantedtogoshopping #forthefuture #makesmybuttlookgoodtho

So I found these gems at JCPenny and I bought one of them.

Do you see what I see? Third rep, wiggle wiggle squeeeeeeeze my butt, squat. I’m so cute. #glutes #frontsquat

Haha tmi time.

So I’ve gained 0.8 lbs this week but look at all those ups and downs. Hehe.

I’m also going the wrong way, not supposed to gain weight. Whoooooops.

Hahaha it’s like 150 Cals for ten pieces of peanut butter pretzal bites and I’ve eaten at least 30 a day this week at work.

No wonder I’ve been so bloated and heavier, that’s an extra 500ish Cals and a shit ton of salt I didn’t factor in.

Your time will come robrosquats, your time will come.

robrosquats my eyes are wet again but i swear i stopped crying

My heart stopped when I saw the email…

and now I just want to cry.


Remember when I was like “yo sweet I’m so close to 105 easily” well I proceeded to eat a shit ton of peanut butter pretzal bites at work and my body is so fucking bloated from the intense salt increase I gained the four pounds back and still going up so… Whoops.

Thank god the meet is still 1.5 months away.

After that did some 105x3 paused. Happy to say when it comes to squat, I do not have issues with buttwink anymore when I go low waddup learned how to use my gloooots finally

I told myself to kinda deload this week so instead I end up doing 125x3 for front squats, which is a rep PR and just under ten pounds of my current max :D first one was smoooth tho. And also luckily Rob shows up after being on vacay for a month haha.

Heyy, baby butt. My press is so weak because I’ve been neglecting ohp. #likeewmywrists