Competitive powerlifter.
AAPF Junior 52kg National Records holder.

Next: October - AAPF Fall Open

I blog about my life, my training, and the clothes I wear in attempts to be fashionable. Mostly personal posts and selfies.

I want to be strong.
Age: 23 Height: 5'1 Weight: 110 lbs

Gym PRs:
Squat: 205 lb
Bench: 115 lb
Deadlift: 225 lb

Meet PRs:
Squat: 185 lb
Bench: 105 lb
Deadlift 235 lb

So far interview invitation expected date:

Toledo - Dec
Utah - mid Oct
RFU - 4-6 weeks…. From like Aug 8
GVSU/Colorado- unknown no real timeframe given
OHSU/Northwestern - still pending supplemental apps

Is this not stressful enough? Playing with my heart strings.

Im not even at the “need to make sure I rock the interview” phase yet.

I finished my Utah app! Those were some hard questions but hopefully I answered them ok… They were those what did you do kinda questions and I had the dumbest answers but meh… I had 20 min each and only 250 words.. I answered them all with exactly 250 words haha.

Fingers crossed!!!! Ah still so stressed I did this so last minute.

Only two more to go. So many schools.

NVM it will only take me an hour and now I’m freaking out am I ready to write this? AM I AM I? ANNA WHERE ARE YOU I NEED YOU HERE TO EDIT MY DUMBNESS.




A pair of D-cup breasts weighs between 15 and 23 pounds—the equivalent of carrying around two small turkeys.

What if you have triple D. Does that mean I can subtract like 50 pounds from my weight and find the real me.

A 28D = 32A and I doubt those are the weight or size of a small turkey so…..

Just agreed to come over to Andy’s tonight after he’s done with the gym around 9 so..

I have to leave my house by 6 to head to the ihop by his place and spend the allotted two hours to finish my Utah application… Or not finish but hopefully finish.

2 hrs left to find me some motivation.

At least 90% of my clothes are clean now :Db

Literally how I feel right now when it comes to finishing my application

(via 500fairytales)

Feeling nauseous after folding my first load of laundry.

That’s it. Being productive makes me sick.

I am single digits from having the same amount of followers to my meet total.

I have a very small meet total.

This blog is not as popular as some people might think.

This blog still does not have as many followers as before I remade it. Funny.

This was a pointless post.

This is me procrastinating folding laundry because the first load is finally dry.

I don’t trust people who don’t wipe the excess oil off their bacon before it cools down.


Things I will miss about living with robotsquats:
- her

Things I will not miss:
- Literally everything else

That’s all that matters.

This proof that I am not as shitty as a person to live with? Or are we just both similarly shitty so we work well together.


Asker Anonymous Asks:
how many people live in your house? it sucks you have to deal with them :/ they sound really aggravating
robotsquats robotsquats Said:

Without Anna (she’s moving out as we speak), there are four other people in this house. My parents and this mom/daughter I’m somehow related to but forget.

So it’s my family but good lord… if it was just my parents and siblings.. it would not be as aggravating. The mom/daughter is what aggravates us the most. They are ALWAYS in the kitchen… or they choose random times to be in the kitchen and it always happens to be when I get home. Or when I decide to go in the kitchen and five minutes later there they are. Smacking and chewing on food that shouldn’t be making those kinds of noises.

And they are ALWAYS  doing laundry… although we’ve already figured out it’s because they steal my clothes. They probably still have a bunch of my clothes but I think I’ll find it as an excuse to go shopping for now. Or it’ll just anger me more.

They were not downstairs all morning because I was in my room watching xfinity for the first hour or two I was awake.

Then I’m downstairs for just barely ten minutes… enjoying a cup of coffee and about to make some bacon and they all come flooding downstairs.


It’s my first day off relaxing since the last holiday was July 4th and I spent that charming Andy’s family and friends all weekend.

Gimme a break guys, let me make food in peace.

I’m sure you don’t miss this squattingunicorn

Brb going to wear this bathrobe dress I bought six years ago for college so I can celebrate Labor Day not wearing actual clothes around the house

Since its Labor Day, I don’t have to work today.

It feels so good being woken up by the sun. I forgot how that feels like. And even though I had minimal sleep (my fault, watched tv shows til the wee hour) I don’t feel so groggy.

I want to be a little bit productive today so going to make myself some coffee and then in an hour, throw in my first load of laundry.

Slow and steady. Probably go to a coffee shop somewhere around 3pm to finish one of my school apps that is timed and my home internet sucks balls.

So a lady I have no idea (am I related to her?) just randomly walked in to my room at 1:30am and was surprised to see me in here.

Did you.. go to the wrong room?

Were you…. expecting to sleep in my room?


Oh and she definitely got some nice viewing of my boobs since I sleep naked.

I’m uncomfortable thinking if I was sleeping, door is locked forever from now on.

squattingunicorn I’m ready to move in with you